Fattoria Nowadays

The agritourism and all our vineyards are located amongst hills at about 300m a.s.l., descending gently towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, Mount Argentario and the Isle of Giglio.

The soil has a medium consistency, containing a high percentage of sand, a good amount of clay, absence of lime and a decidedly rich texture.

It is a soil that makes for good porosity, perfect oxygenation and great root penetration.

These characteristics, together with sun and sea breeze, allow us to produce great full-bodied wines that age well, even from white grapes.

The precious texture of the soil, exposition of the vines to the sun, limited annual rainfalls, and a completely different climate to that of inland Tuscany all support and facilitate organic agriculture.

In fact, in 2011 the Fattoria decided to adopt an exclusively organic approach to its vineyards.

Since 2016 all our wines are organic-certified.